Recent Work

mt Spaces

An exhibit for the arts and craft lovers! With the participation of Googly Gooeys, Everywhere We Shoot, Real Living, and Carina Santos. Performances by Gentle Universe, Nights of Rizal, and Supermikki.     I made four pieces for this exhibit, using the new line of washi tapes by mt, mt CASA. They are a bit […]

Group Exhibit

See More Glass

“Seymour Glass,” the child Sybil says in the Salinger story, but her mother hears something else entirely, and dismisses the name as nonsense. We look at the page and are aware of the gravity of the mistake, the wall between mother and child, the separation of things. Blessed is the viewer, the reader, the omnipotent […]

Solo Exhibit

Tones of Home

Some pieces I made for Tones of Home, Blanc Gallery’s Inaugural Show for their new home. The photos are bad because they are screen grabs, as I neglected to properly document them. Still, this is one of my favorite sets/trios. They all look like they belong together.     TONES OF HOME “Geography is destiny” […]

Group Exhibit

The Fat Kid Inside

New website revamp for Erwan Heussaff’s food blog, The Fat Kid Inside. My design and layout was later developed by Dart Tiglao and Jenn Manigao. (Food photograph used for the header c/o The Fat Kid Inside.)

Web and graphic design

The Mona Lisa Project

Cultural Center of the Philippines and West Gallery Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo (Small Gallery) 4F, CCP Main Theater Building 24 April – 16 June 2013 The image of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa (c. 1503 – 07) has been the subject of many discussions related to art history, art theory, aesthetics, and the art market. It […]

Group Exhibit

Art Fair Philippines 2013

Six assemblages shown with West Gallery for Art Fair Philippines 2013. — The Navel of the World — TTT — Luis — Isabel — Ghosts


The Manila Review

The Manila Review is an online publication created by Mara Coson and Leloy Claudio. I was asked to be a part of the team as the Design Director, managing print, web and merchandising design.

Design Direction, Print, Front-end web development

Oh My! Tokyo

A personal website and blog for Tokyo-based Norwegian photographer, Natasha Vik.

Front-end web development

Winter Quay/Summer Blankets, Split EP

Album art for the digital release for a Bones Like Snowflakes/Glitch Split EP.

Album art

At the Grill with The Fat Kid Inside

Made graphics for a video for The Fat Kid Inside, produced by Seabiscuit Films.


How To Lose Millions: Rogue, August 2012

These were commissioned for the August 2012 issue of Rogue, accompanying Clinton Palanca’s piece, “How to Lose a Million.”

Print, illustration

How Still, How Fast

Second solo exhibit featuring 22 assemblages and plays on the idea of the inadequacies of photographs to capture memories, and how memories color actual experiences.

Solo Exhibit

SM Ladies’ Wear: Fashion That Fits

Handwritten logotype and supers for a fashion web show, Fashion That Fits. Stylists create outfits from SM Ladies’ Wear for online winners to fit their style, body, and budget.


Screen Machine

Layout for Australian film blog, Screen Machine. Editor Brad Nguyen wanted a more text-based layout with select customization options.

Front-end web development

Please Don’t Touch

A piece for Manila Contemporary’s group show, Through the Looking Glass: José Rizal. The collage is comprised of collected photos, some of which have been hand-inscribed with Braille.


Assemblages for Pablo’s Hairy Things

Four assemblages for all-girl group show by Pablo Galleries, Hairy Things.


Sarie Cruz: I make films.

Branding and identity of Filipino film maker, Sarie Cruz, including illustration, some copy and implementation of portfolio.

Branding & identity, front-end web development

How Much Should You Tip in Manila?

An infographic for Mara Coson’s column, Mama Says Mercy, about tipping practices in Manila.


You, Disappearing

A piece for Outerhope’s fundraising show at Blanc.


Stroke of Genius: James Jean

Feature on James Jean, published in Status Magazine.


The Bead Shop’s Friendship Bracelets

Design, illustration, and copy for the print materials promoting The Bead Shop’s new line.

Illustration, copy

The Sum of Our Parts: Art Sanchez

Feature on Arturo Sanchez, published in Rogue Magazine.


Phases of the Moon: Vincent Moon

Feature on Vincent Moon, published in The Philippine Star’s Supreme.


The Bratpack Blog

Simple web design for Bratpack‘s new blog section. Work involved layout, coding, and graphic design.

Front-end web development

L’Oreal’s Brandstorm for Young Star

Graphic work for Young Star’s feature on this year’s L’Oreal Brandstorm and the participating teams from the Philippines. Photography by Cholo dela Vega.


Never the Strangers

Album art for Never the Strangers’ debut self-titled album. Used my own photographs from Bohol and San Francisco.

Album art

Sun Giant for Art Informal’s Pulp Fiction

Sun Giant is a piece I made for Art Informal ‘s group show, Pulp Fiction, which showcases works on paper.


Feist’s Metals

Review of Feist’s Metals, published on Pinoy Tuner.


Excavations from the End of the World

First solo exhibit featuring 12 assemblages. The result is a mixture of little stories all laid out in boxes.

Solo Exhibit

Collages for Lightbombs Contemporary

Some collages created for Lightbombs Contemporary, an art consultancy and agency based in Hong Kong.


Xocolat Menu

Menu layout and redesign for local café and restaurant, Xocolat. Two layouts were used to display selections from different branches.

Menu design


Recovery is a project with Catrina Cortes, geared to promote Filipino literature.

Book covers, personal website project

Roadtrip Zambales

Project created to promote tourism and community in Zambales. Website layout, coding, type work and identity.

Branding, Identity & front-end web development

This Ice-Cold Fear’s On Me

Everyday People Talk Everyday Scary Things, published in The Philippine Star’s Young Star.


Different Brew for Moonleaf

Online campaign for local tea house, Moonleaf. Type work and illustrations. Photography by Gabby Cantero.

Type & illustration

Reindeer Games for YStyle

Bea Ledesma of YStyle asked me to make a personal iteration of their logo. Read the accompanying feature here, written by Bea Ledesma.


Manilart 2011

Four assemblages on show for West Gallery’s booth at Manilart 2011, involving various mediums and techniques, with books as the main centerpiece of each work.


Greater Good’s Awareness Tee

A project with good potential that never got launched. Greater Good is a fashion line.


Scott ‘Gutsy’ Tuason

Online portfolio for photographer Scott “Gutsy” Tuason.

Branding & Front-end web development

Food for Rogue

Commissioned for a feature on Filipino food written by Clinton Palanca in the August 2011 issue of Rogue. 


The Future for Rogue

These were commissioned for the May 2011 issue of Rogue magazine, circulating around the general theme of the future.


Second Star from the Right, Then Straight ‘Till Morning

Album art for Bones Like Snowflakes. This collaboration with Rozette Diaz was done entirely over email and Skype!

Album art

Writers for Young Star

Graphic work for a feature on writers on Young Star written by Paolo Lorenzana (and all of them about one another).


The Pleasure of Leaving

Review of Some Boys Don’t Leave, published on Pelikula.


Maybe Very Happy

Personal endeavor to touch base with my own sadness and find something worth being happy about. Inspired by Jack Gilbert’s poem of the same name. It is on indefinite hiatus.

Online Community

Young Folk, Silly Folk

Identity and campaign for Young Folk, Silly Folk, a fashion collaboration between Greater Good Apparel and Style Break, created as an advocacy for animal rights.

Branding & Identity

Nobody But You and Me

Review of Blue Valentine, published on Pelikula.



Works made as part of a group show held at West Gallery. All the pieces by all the artists had the dimensions of 12″ x 9″.



An attempt at oil painting. I didn’t know how hard my chosen subject was… Apparently, I had to draw all the spots.


Awkward Only Looks Good on Paulie Bleeker

DISCUSSED: A life dictated by too many John Cusack movies and my suckage at intimacy, among other things. Published on New Slang.


Everybody Wants To Rock The World

Feature on Us-2 Evil-0, published on The Philippine Star’s Young Star


I’m Like a Superhero or Something

My senior thesis.


Grace, And Dragging Her Wings

Album art for Manila-based post-rock band, Don’t Forget Clementine’s EP Grace, And Dragging Her Wings. Collaboration with Paulina Ortega.

Album Art


Collage is a group show by West Gallery featuring works on paper by Juan Alcazaren, Roberto Chabet, Nilo Ilarde, Bernardo Pacquing, Soler Santos, and Gerardo Tan.


Heights: Guilty Pleasures

Book cover for Heights’ Guilty Pleasure issue.

Book Cover


Tube magazine is a herculean (hopefully annual) effort by the Ateneo Musicians Pool’s Documentation and Publication Department. This is what we came up with when I was the department head.



Series of fifty-two collages made on a deck of cards.


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