Carina R. Santos

I am an artist, designer, and writer with a penchant for yarn, mountains, and bad T.V.


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S.E.A. Focus Singapore

A World Anew

Casting skywards is to behold the cosmos, immense and old as time. Yet other adjacent worlds abound too, if lesser seen.

Microscopic – this universe is held in the tiniest of particles and atoms. Within and without the meta and minute: these dimensions are contra in size and scale. Yet in the phrase “As above, so below”, philosophical thought pondered the “macrocosm” and “microcosm” as spheres that echo and encompass each other.

MONO8 Gallery

︎ Group exhibition ︎︎︎  Notes
6 — 15 Jan 2023

If we opened people up, we’d find landscapes

The starting point of this show was to explore themes of both dislocation and a simultaneous existence in more than one place, or perhaps the fact of a moving point — me, in transit, forever oscillating between spaces — resulting in a sense of dislocation. The space collapses, the depth of a place flattens, and the layers of the space, instead of creating a sense of distance, are viewed from a pinhole, encased like an image in a photograph.

West Gallery
Manila, Philippines

︎ Solo exhibition ︎︎︎  Notes
24 Mar — 23 Apr 2022

One year without light

text and moving image

“In the exhibition a. Play b. Work c.____, artists confront the impetus and possibilities of working, in as much as their output hinges on improvisations characterized by aspects of play. “ — JC Rosette

West Gallery
Manila, Philippines

︎ Group exhibition ︎︎︎ Notes
3 Dec 2020 — 2 Jan 2021

Out of Print

Out of Print is a web-based magazine initiated by former magazine editor, Jonty Cruz. It launched in early August 2020.

Web design and development

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NAMÌ is a Filipino jewellery brand that “crafts every jewelry piece with a consideration for wear, feel and versatile styling.”

Web design and development
E-commerce (Shopify)

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